Toward a Secret Sky is a guidebook for modern pilgrims who are searching for encouragement in following their commitment to a spiritual path. Kim Roberts acts as a friendly guide, helping people navigate the strange and exhilarating journey of a spiritual seeker. She shares stories from her own years of pilgrimage in places like India, Thailand, and Bhutan, and prompts readers to jump-start their unique path of discovery with meditation and writing exercises. 

"In a world full of promises for spiritual growth, how does one recognize an authentic path or teacher? Where does one even begin? Roberts responds to this very question by providing a compassionate “roadmap”, full of personal anecdotes, traditional wisdom, and practical advice necessary for navigating the terrain of one’s own spiritual adventure! A kind and accessible book that supports the human longing for a meaningful life."
— Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, author of The Logic of Faith

“Finally a modern book about the practice of pilgrimage. With touching personal stories, historical research and exercises for the reader to explore. Even if you never make an outer pilgrimage this book is a fascinating guide and if you are contemplating one a essential companion.”
Lama Tsultrim Allione, author of Wisdom Rising

"This is a marvelous book on the outer and inner meaning of pilgrimage. Fearless and disarmingly honest, it's simultaneously a pilgrimage into the heart-mind of a spiritual warrior. Kim Roberts distills a lifetime of gritty experience into an offering that is sure to illuminate your own journey. Wisdom and kindness shine through every page, and practical advice leaves you well equipped to set out on your own path of discovery. These are footsteps worth following."
— Andrew Holecek, author of Dream Yoga

About Toward a Secret Sky

A pilgrimage is always at the least two things–a literal journey and a spiritual journey. Though it involves a geographical moving about, it also requires a psychological shift of the deepest sort.

Pilgrimage can mean a day-trip to a holy shrine, or it can denote a metaphorical journey lasting decades. It is above all a psycho-spiritual journey, usually to a place of religious significance or to meet a master of wisdom, with elements of both the inner and outer journey.

It is no longer a long and arduous voyage to remote locations across the globe—we can simply go online and book a discount flight on Air Asia to an obscure region of India and be there within a matter of days or even hours. We can go online, book a retreat or training, download ancient texts and have powerful esoteric teachings at our fingertips. What used to involve pain and hardship is now a matter of convenience and exotic whim.

“I love this book! It is a user friendly guidebook for all spiritual practitioners, regardless of the specific path chosen.
Kim Roberts expresses the wisdom of her own years of deep practice, inner exploration, and training. As an experienced yoga teacher, counselor, writer, and mentor, she shares the ins and outs of spiritual practice that shine with compassion and humor. Her stories make the journey come alive with such grace. You can’t help but want to dig in, keep reading AND put everything into your own life.
— Kate Feldman, MSW, LCSW, founding member of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, cofounder of The Consious Relationships Institute

"With simple and profound practices, Kim Roberts guides us to explore our inner landscape in the context of the external world and Toward a Secret Sky magnificently illuminates the path of the most sacred journey we will ever take. This beautiful book is a compass that I will return to again and again."
— Nancy Levin, author of Jump . . . and Your Life Will Appear

Creating Your Own Modern Pilgrimage

With the advent of the internet, the whole nature of pilgrimage has changed forever. You can now Google Krishnamacharya and download, for free, his seminal text on Ashtanga Yoga (Yoga Makaranda) that essentially brought yoga to the masses in the West. Before Google, you had to first somehow hear about this great teacher, find out where he was, go there, and convince him to give these teachings to you. Total time required? Probably your entire life and all your savings. These days, the whole thing could be accomplished in three minutes.

But would you get the same understanding? My sense is that the need for pilgrimage has not been replaced by the convenience of receiving teachings. Click here to read more about pilgrimage on the blog.

"I loved this book! Many will benefit from what is written in Toward a Secret Sky by Kim Roberts. Inside these pages, Kim provides explicit instructions on how to navigate your own discoveries to enlightenment, peace and self-love. She offers exercises and tools guiding the reader how to create their life's journey from anywhere. I loved reading about her personal pilgrimages like living abroad Paris then in Mysore, India where she studied Ashtanga with K. Pattabhi Jois and lived for over one year. Filled with deep insights on meditation, practicing and teaching Ashtanga yoga, I highly recommend. A must for anyone seeking inner peace or an insightful guide to discovering their true inner purpose. 

— Machel Shull, Bestselling Author of Middle Age Beauty

“Kim Roberts’ Toward a Secret Sky is a marvelous guide to the path of the pilgrim, regardless of your starting point. Kim Roberts knows whereof she speaks and she tells it like it is!”
Sean W. Murphy – Zen Dharma Holder, National Endowment of the Arts Fellow in Creative Writing, author of One Bird, One Stone: 108 Contemporary Zen Stories

Toward A Secret Sky as a guide

Toward A Secret Sky is a guide for pilgrims that shares stories from the field. In it you’ll find practical tips and guidance for embarking on your own pilgrimage, as well as writings evoking the setting and mood of a transformational journey.

Toward A Secret Sky is engaging, personal, and deep. Kim Roberts brings her honesty and humor to the question of pilgrimage: how might we step into the unknown with the intention of making awareness and kindness the life-giving center of our lives. This book is both practical and inspiring. If you’re ready to invite more openness and disturbance into your experiencing, read it.
— Bruce Tift, author of Already Free

In the Buddhist literatures of India and Tibet, one reads of the awakening of inclinations established by meaningful and fortunate encounters in previous lifetimes, and also of the awakening of an interior lineage that one had neither noticed nor suspected. Perhaps one had no hope of it. Perhaps one wishes it would go back to sleep. Good news or bad, once awake it will not leave one alone. What to do?
Having herself followed insistent, inconvenient, if also uplifting, intimations of unknown lands, both inside and outside, Kim Roberts has written lucidly and with the knowledge of a seasoned explorer of the steps one may take toward a destination somewhere beyond the horizon but also perhaps close to home, if only one knew the direction in which to head out, the quicksand to avoid, and the tricks of charlatans who will take what one has and leave one with nothing other than a sense of trespass. She’s given us a map for troubled times. Let us welcome its arrival and consider her counsel carefully.
— Jules B. Levinson, translator of Essential Practice, by Thrangu Rinpoche

We thoroughly love and support the idea of pilgrimage. Whether it’s the inner journey inspired by life, yoga, poetry, meditation, or travel afar, we’re all in!
— Ganga White, author Yoga Beyond Belief and Tracey Rich, Director, White Lotus Yoga Retreat Santa Barbara, CA

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