12 Writing Prompts For Negotiating Change

I discovered writing prompts years ago as a way to help clarify the confusion that often accompanies negotiating change. It can be so hard to know which direction to take in life.  I've learned that the best advice often comes from my inner wise guide who speaks through the written word.

Negotiating Change + The Creative Process

We are creative beings.  This is how we develop as fully alive human beings - by manifesting that unique seed of life force that is in each of us. That seed is not only your creativity given form, but it is also your guidance. But you have to nourish that seed for it to grow.

In order to nurture this seed, it helps to develop a relationship with it. I can't tell you how many problems I've solved by holding a pen and simply letting it flow across the page with a question loosely held in mind. So this is not about "thinking" your way through something on the page. It's like holding the pen, with the intention to gain clarity, and then being a witness to what arises. The simple act of letting go of the grip of conceptual mind seems to magically release a flood of insights. 

A Map For Negotiating Change

To set the stage for this process, think of it as evolution: identifying where you are, and where you would like to be, and then let the path reveal itself. It can be helpful to think of this as ground, path and fruition.


Where are you right now. This could be as simple as describing your surroundings: sights, sounds, smells, and the surrounding situation. This can be a great way to dive in and just get the pen flowing. Once you get a groove, you may start to tap into deeper stuff that’s going on.


Where are you heading? If you were to take your hands off the steering wheel --metaphorically speaking--where would you end up? What is the trajectory in your life? Is it where you want to go? Could you avoid a collision by steering slightly or applying the brakes?


Where would you like to end up? What is your ideal outcome in the current situation? Do you have insights into what that looks like? Often the simple act of identifying what you want, or rather how you would like to feel, can empower you to create the circumstances. You suddenly become aware of things you didn’t see before, and identify opportunities that can help you progress along the right path.

Journaling Practice Can Help With Negotiating Change:

  • Use free-writing to “clear the decks” of your mind, downloading after you’ve had an argument, for example, or when you need clarity about which direction to take.

  • Identify habitual patterns, asking for clarity on why certain unhealthy habits arise in you. Ask open ended questions like, “How am I getting in my own way?” or “Why do I keep getting into trouble?” and see what comes out.

  • Incorporate this practice into your daily routine to keep creative juices flowing and encourage a more conscious approach to life. Ask for inspiration. Done with intention, freewriting can definitely be considered an awareness practice and lead you to increased creativity.

  • Ask specific questions when you have choices to make and are uncertain about a situation. You can use the journaling prompts below to get you started.

12 Writing Prompts For Negotiating Change

Writing prompts can be used with this free-writing practice to help you mine your subconscious and encourage the voice of your inner wisdom to come forth.

  • What’s really bugging me right now...

  • If I could say one thing to ___________ I would tell them…

  • To be honest, I would rather...

  • I really need to let go of...

  • What does my inner critic say? Respond to it in dialogue.

  • What's happening right now is...

  • I know when I'm really happy because...

  • If I knew I could not fail, I would...

  • The last time I felt this way, I...

  • What I wish I could change.

  • What I need to accept is...

  • How do I get in my own way?

Negotiating Change Without The Burden of Stress

Negotiating change is often accompanied by worry, stress or anxiety. When you have tools--such as these writing prompts-- to help you gain clarity, it takes away added burden of stress about whether or not you've made the right choice. Write until you feel a sense of clarity in your bones. If there's not a final solution that becomes clear, then go for small steps.

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