At-Home Retreat Guide: How To Plan, Organize + Create Your Own Meditation Retreat

Want to do an at-home meditation retreat at home but don't know how? When I did my first solitary meditation retreat 20 years ago, it changed my life. It helped me develop a strong connection to meditation practice that changed the way I approach most everything. Solitary retreat is a fantastic way to learn to trust yourself. The self-discipline necessary to do a retreat is very empowering. It’s no longer an option for me to forego my daily practice. These days, sitting for me is like brushing my teeth: I feel incomplete if I don’t do it every day.

Silent Meditation Retreat

Every year I try to fit in a long period of silent meditation retreat. People are often curious what I do on retreat. Over the years people have expressed interest in doing their own retreat, so I compiled this guide to help you get started on your own solitary retreat. It’s a great tool to have in your tool-kit, so that you can pull it out when you need to take a break and re-group, or get clarity on a particular issue or direction in life.

What Kind Of Retreat?

There are as many different approaches to “retreat” as there are people. How do you go about initiating and organizing your own retreat? I should say that it is much easier for some people to join a scheduled retreat at a meditation retreat center.

Solitary Meditation Retreat

For those who can’t work it into their schedules, or who prefer to embark on a solitary retreat, the experience is a powerful one. Yes, it is fantastic to sit in a group and ride the group energy—especially if it is a seasoned group of practitioners. But what if you don’t have a group of experienced meditators to sit with? If you have the discipline, it can be extraordinarily powerful to do your own silent meditation retreat, alone.

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