Use This (Amazing) Creative Tool To Solve Any Riddle + Proceed With Total Clarity

You know when you are hiking through the woods, and suddenly the trail disappears?  One minute you were on a clear path and had the confidence to proceed with total clarity. The next minute you feel stranded in the middle of nowhere, without a clue. Sometimes this happens in life too. So what do you do then?

Proceed With Total Clarity

Here's a creative exercise that can help you discover new ways to work with a situation that feels stuck. It's fun to do, and amazingly accurate in helping you identify your next steps.

Essentially, it is our conceptual mind that gets in the way of us seeing how to proceed and deal with issues. Relying on intuition can sometimes help us get out of our own way and then solutions seem to magically appear. This exercise will help you tap into your intuition.

Try This Creative Exercise To Get Clarity (For When You've Lost Your Way) | KimRoberts.Co

Try This Creative Exercise To Get Clarity (For When You've Lost Your Way) | KimRoberts.Co

Use this creative tool to proceed with total clarity.

1. Write down your issue. It can be big or small.

Where do you feel lost? Identify your  life's predicament or dilemma of the moment.

2. Get your camera and take 20-30 minutes and go Aimless Wandering.

This is a highly advanced form of practice that involved walking around with no idea where you are going. Don't plan, don't limit. Just go. You can do it in the park, in a shopping mall, the woods, your garden, you neighbors garden, or your house. (I don't recommend doing it in your neighbor's house, unless you have permission.) Just start wandering and stay present to your surroundings. When you come across images that spark your interest, take a photo. Note: don't try to "curate" nice photos. Take pictures of weird stuff that somehow feels significant, or ignites your curiosity.

3. Choose One Photo.

Find a place to sit quietly to do the next step of the exercise. Choose one photo. There's no right way to do this. You can repeat the exercise if you want. But for now, just choose one.

4. Describe the photo in three adjectives.

Don't think too much.

5. If you could change one thing in the photo, what would you change?

Make something up.

Here's the creative tool where your intuition comes into play...

6. How is your predicament like your photo?

Again, make something up. Free write for 10-20 minutes, and imagine this image is a mirror for your life. Let your imagination guide you to new insights. Only a new perspective will allow you to proceed with total clarity.



7. How could you change your predicament in a similar way to the way you imagined changing the photo?

In my image to the left, I would have chosen to get rid of the buildings and replace them with trees. That might translate as looking to nature for ways to resolve your predicament: spending more time in nature, or looking for a "natural" solution. We're looking for metaphor here. If I had wanted to turn the lamp on, then the question might be: how can you add more lightness to your predicament. Once you make the metaphor, expand it and get detailed in order to get clarity. How could you add more lightness to the situation, or how could you fit in more time in nature?

Let your imagination go.

8. Who would you be and how would you act if you were embodying the 3 adjectives you listed to describe the photo?

Sometimes knowing how to proceed with total clarity feels at first like shooting in the dark. You might have to write out a few different scenarios before something resonates. Feel your way into clarity, and let your intuition guide you. When looking for ways to proceed with clarity, intuitive guidance is much more reliable than your intellect.

Do another free write for this.

We're not looking for logical conclusions. Sometimes the things you come up with might seem silly at first, but sit with them and see what evolves. When you allow your imagination free reign, sometimes new neural connections happen that might not have occurred to you otherwise.

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