What Former Clients Say

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“Thank you for your compassion, your smile and hug, your wisdom. Thank you for being our guiding light in this dark crisis. You are a great inspiration for us, one of the smart real professional guides that we met on the path of life (and you probably know it’s not easy to find the real ones…) We wish you all the best!” ~ Shay and Shushu (Shaharit), Israel

“Kim Roberts is one of the most insightful teachers I’ve encountered.” Jeffrey, Seoul

“You were an angel for me in Thailand…one day I hope to be able to work with you again to help others heal from PTSD and addiction. You are amazing. Thanks for all you did for me.” ~ Graham, London

“Thank, thank you, thank you for your incredible courage and beautiful honesty to share your experiences, just as they are. You are a true inspiration.” ~ Aga, Singapore

“Kim is one of the best yoga teachers I have studied with. Her style is thoughtful, low-key and dead-on.” ~ Sharon, Miami, USA

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“Thank you so much for your amazing wisdom.” ~ Dawn, Spain

“Thank you so much for being such an inspirational teacher and an example of what can be achieved by diligent yoga practice.” ~ Barry, Phuket, Thailand

“Your ability to describe postures and “tweak” them is very helpful.” ~ Jim and Pat, North Carolina, USA

SAM_0480“Kim is an incredibly dedicated yogi and this love of yoga comes through in her teaching.” ~ Bill, Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Kim is just so heartfelt and passionate… I have to say Kim is the best yoga teacher I’ve met during my 6-7 years of yoga practice.” ~ Wing, Hong Kong

“Kim is an amazing yoga teacher; she makes yoga more than just flexibility, she truly incorporates mindfulness and learning about the art of Being.” ~ Jackson, Oregon

“Kim is a true gem of a teacher.” ~ Julie, Hamburg

“Kim is quite simply the most gracious and inspiring instructor I’ve had the privilege of being taught by!” ~ Whittle, UK

“Learning from someone who loves to teach is a joy!” ~ Sandra, San Francisco

“I really appreciated Kim’s gentle approach.” ~ Au, Chiang Mai

“Kim is a very relaxed and open-minded teacher, never judgmental, and always gives alternatives.” ~ Bessie, Hong Kong


“Kim’s teachings really helped me start to find my own practice in a gentle way. She offers subtle hints to find a better posture and as a result I feel more confident. I feel grateful for receiving this.” ~ Carlie, Holland

“I look to Kim as someone with great knowledge and passion for what she teaches. I am a fan!!” ~ Reena, UK

“Kim’s delivery was heartfelt and extremely inspiring. Her kindness and wisdom relly shone through. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel that I can now be happy and relaxed with the tools I learned.” ~ Marisha, US

“Ever since I stumbled upon you while looking for a yoga…you have been a role model for me. Your voice has spoken aloud what my inner self has always believed – that we can create a life that makes our heart sing – that we do not have to follow the same path as the others. I love your gentleness and your constant reminder to Breathe and Relax.
I love your humour and am finding your light approach and laughter very refreshing for my tendency toward seriousness.
I absolutely love the way you are encouraging each of us to find our own path – to sink into our selves and allow our own dance to unfold.
” ~ Natasha, Melbourne, Australia

“Your work, a unique offering of healing and empowerment, the days near the nature, your presence and wise guidance helped me to return “back home” to myself with a sense of clarity, strength and inspiration.”  ~ Mary, London, UK

“Thank you once again for your most inspiring teaching.” ~ Gabrielle, Germany

“Thank you so much for the experience in Thailand. It has truly changed my life in such a gentle and powerful way! My friend described the changes is me in these words, “I can see it. I can feel it. But, I can’t quite put my finger on it.” I responded with, “That is exactly how I feel.” ~ Julie, Montana, USA

“You hold space so beautifully and it was so good to experience what happens when you bring yoga, breath, writing, meditation, community and an intention to grow together in a space that is already full of this intention. I am very grateful that you have shone so much radiant light into my life and helped me see the light that is in me and given me the space and tools to begin to open up and experience myself as I am in this moment. Your retreat has helped this immensely!!!! Thanks again Kim – for doing what you do with so much grace, presence, flow, wisdom and heart.”
 ~ Tash, Sydney, Australia

“THANK YOU again so much for everything. I do hope I have another opportunity to work with you in the not too distant future!” ~ 
Jennifer, Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Thank you, gentle Kim, for such a magical week.” ~ Victoria, Colorado, USA

“This retreat was such an amazing experience, and I feel immensely grateful to have shared it with you.
” ~ Sonia, New Zealand

“What a truly extra-ordinary experience! “~ Nicole, Bangkok, Thailand


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