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The foundation of any change is to experience your world in a new way. Talk can only get us so far. The best way to invite a new experience is to develop a mindfulness practice such as meditation, yoga or creative free-writing. Any online counseling work I do with you will include at least one of these practices. I’ll help you observe your experience so that you can decide if your current approach is working out for you. If it’s not, then I’ll help you develop insight into how to move forward.

Contemplative Psychology, the model that provides the lens for my work with clients, recognizes the wisdom present in each moment of our experience. That wisdom then guides the work to be done, by showing us what needs attention, and what needs resolution. Any work we do together will involve you identifying your experience in the moment, and me reflecting back to you insights I may have about areas you may not see clearly. You have all the answers inside of you. You may just need someone to point them out to you.

online counseling with kim roberts

We’ll dialogue to identify the issues, then discuss how they manifest in the body. I’ll offer practices and tools to shift awareness of the physical sensations so that the emotions become clear. Once this relationship between body and emotion becomes clear, mindfulness practice takes over. I’ll share with you practices you can do on a daily basis. So this is not about sorting through your childhood memories or learning to parrot positive affirmations – although you may share your stories. But the stories we tell ourselves are often the culprits of our suffering. So this work is about re-writing your story in the book of the body.

Rather than adding anything to your story, (or your “to-do” list) (try to be a better person, tow the line, etc. ad nauseum) we seek to release whatever makes you tight, so that you can relax, take a deep breath and notice what makes your heart thrive.

This is what online counseling looks like:

  • We will dialogue to identify what the issues are
  • Together we will create a map of the terrain–an outline of the work to be done
  • I’ll share tools to help you refine your awareness of the current situation
  • We will identify practices and new habits, such as yogameditation, and writing exercises  that will shift energy dynamics around these issues
  • Follow up with regular check ins to ensure accountability
  • Revise accordingly if refinements to the approach are necessary/as new habits are learned
  • When you feel comfortable, the umbilical cord is cut and that is that. No spending 20 years on the couch. Though you may choose to continue our work just to have a guide to check in with as you assimilate new habits.

Online counseling will help you see where you can evolve to embrace your life with more joy, vitality and ease – your birthright. Whether you are working with a deal-seated mental imbalance, or a temporary life transition, bringing the mind back again and again to a state of openness will give you insights unavailable to the busy conceptual mind. I’ll help you access this awareness so that you can stop struggling and learn to rest in your natural state of mind, which is peace.

I’ve guided people through thick and thin along the path for over 20 years, working with issues including:

  • Addictions and Recovery
  • Relationships and Overcoming Heartbreak
  • Confusion and Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Life Transitions 
  • Finding your Calling
  • Difficulty Adjusting to Expat Life

If you feel stuck and need a guide to get out of a rut, practice is the key, and I can help you develop a personal practice to catapult you (or hold your hand while we gently saunter) to the next stage of your journey.

Contact me for more information: 

kim [at] toolsforevolution [dot] org






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