Finding Peace on Earth

Finding Peace on Earth

When you start feeling like the world is hopelessly out of control, remember that nature is the source of our sanity. Peace on earth happens in our hearts, but can be accessed through a direct connection with that source.

Peace on Earth

Here is a short trailer of a documentary about one of the most peaceful places I know, surrounded by wild nature.

I’ve called Crestone home since 2008, even though I’ve lived much of the year overseas, teaching yoga and leading retreats. Somehow knowing I had this wilderness environment to return to always helped me stay sane.

Mother Nature Knows Best

When we shift our allegiance away from trusting the cycles of nature and insist on manufacturing our own version of reality, conflict ensues. Reconnecting with the source of our humanity means to return to these cycles of nature and discover the inherent truth of our existence here. We are part of that cycle of nature, and if we continue to ignore or deny that, then whatever else we accomplish will only serve to bring about our downfall.

When you feel at a loss for how to proceed in life, look to nature for guidance. This is the best source of peace I know. She’ll never steer you wrong.

Practice Tip: Go outside and spend time in nature – even if it’s your own back yard – at least once a day.

Crestone Films created this piece for the Crestone Creative District to help promote responsible tourism in our ‘place of the heart’.

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3 Responses to Finding Peace on Earth

  1. What a beautiful film of a most beautiful place! I could feel the peace off that land even as I sit here thousands of miles away. Yes, peace on earth, and maybe a piece of heaven too. Thank you, Kim, for this, and for all you share during the year, always so heartfelt and inspiring. Thinking of you, dear one, and sending you lots of love, Marianne

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