How to Create More Time

How to Create More Time

One of the issues I hear people struggling with recently is time management. Let me tell you sister, (and brother) I get it. I am naturally a curious person (some would say in both senses of that word) with LOTS of different interests. I often get overwhelmed by it all and wish I could simply create more time. So I’d like to share something with you, perhaps a new concept.


You don’t have to do everything.

I know, it’s radical. For those of us who try to do it all this can be a mindblowing realization. Especially if you are a woman, trying to do too much stresses the body, creating imbalance in hormone levels. We need our down time, not just for our sanity, but for our physical health. Reconnecting with our sisters, physical pampering (massage, spa treats) and slowing down are the three main ways to rebalance a system gone haywire. Apparently men thrive on healthy competition and a sense of purpose, but for women, this achievement mentality drains us, and one of our main stressors is the sensation of not having enough time or support.

One of the simplest ways to add time to your life is to practice yoga and meditation regularly. It sounds a bit crazy, but adding this one element to your daily schedule actually gives the sensation of more space. Try it and you’ll see. If you need help developing a practice, check out my new Ebook, Ashtanga Yoga for Beginner’s Mind. (You can download it for free this weekend only, Saturday and Sunday, just to say thanks for your support.)

Each month I set aspirations for myself, in writing, just to clarify what is important to me and keep myself accountable. Part of that accountability is unplugging from the World Wide Web and re-connecting with the infinitely more powerful sacred web.

Remember the days before you had 100 emails in your inbox and beeps and buzzes and dings all day long? Rediscover quality time with yourself. Reduce time wasted on things that don’t matter to you. Setting priorities, planning, and preparation all help, but distractions these days are constant, so minimize them. Set aside quiet, off-line, shut-your-phone-off time every day and just sit quietly with your breath.

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