Some Tools To Help You Set Intentions For The New Year

Some Tools To Help You Set Intentions For The New Year

It’s that time again. When we re-evaluate our lives and either re-commit to our path, or change directions. This year I don’t really feel like making resolutions. If you want some inspiration on making your own, have a look at these 14 Aspirations For A Happier New Year.

But setting intentions for the new year feels important. Intention is perhaps even more important than action or results. Here’s my intention for the year: to live my truth and inspire others to do the same.

As an extension of that intention, here are a few things on my agenda for the year: 

What’s new?

Here are a few things coming up to help inspire you on your journey to a living your new year with heart and integrity:

I’ve got a show at Vic’s on Broadway, my old haunt for coffee in Boulder, Colorado. It’s my first solo art show and I am thrilled! If you are anywhere near Boulder, come on by for a visit, as the display will be there through the end of the month. All work is for sale, unless marked as sold.
Private yoga classes in Crestone.

I’ll be offering small private classes at my home in Crestone. There is a possibility of another locale opening up – I’m currently exploring several different options. In the meantime, we’re starting small and starting up next week!

Private individual or group yoga retreats in Crestone.
If you are feeling called to come to Crestone for your own rejuvenation retreat, either on your own or with some friends, we can design a program to suit your needs. I’ve recently discovered a wonderful guesthouse with hot-springs where you could be based for a weekend of yoga, coaching, contemplation and nature. Depending on your intention, this could be a practice retreat with a bit of guidance from me, or it could be more of a personalized coaching program with some intensive one-on-one time. If this speaks to you and you’d like to jump start your intentions for the new year, hit reply and let’s talk!

Need A Coach?

I’ve got a few openings for new coaching clients as the new year begins. If you want some guidance as you create your road map for the year,  individual Skype sessions might be just the ticket to help jump-start your year. Have a look here to learn more.

What Is Your Intention?

Here is a map for discovering your true intention for the year. May it be of benefit.

1. Let Go Of What No Longer Serves

It’s so easy to grasp at what we think will make us happy. When you finally realize that nothing outside is going to satisfy your deepest desires for happiness, you can let go.  So listen up: stop looking outside for happiness! You know this. Now believe it and live it! Make this the year. Release whatever limiting beliefs, out-dated situations, destructive patterns or unhealthy relationships get in the way of you living your truth.

2. Reconnect With Wisdom

Sit in meditation posture or lie in shavasana, and allow your breath to settle deeply into a steady rhythm. Let go of pressing concerns and thoughts of the past or the future. Experience being in your body in the present moment. Notice what arises when you dwell in this space.

3. Take Action

Two words: free-write. I am constantly blown away by how powerful this practice is. It’s simple: get a stack of loose paper (so you won’t be too precious about it) and a ballpoint pen (for easy flow). Set a timer. Write freehand non-stop until the timer goes off. Don’t make it pretty, or correct, or legible. Don’t censor or try to come up with something smart or witty or sassy and don’t even try to make it comprehensible or rational. Our subconscious works in bizarre ways – as you may notice if you pay attention to your dreams. The dreamtime speaks a different language and we can access this dialogue by journaling our ideas, wishes, hopes, whatever it is that wants to come out. Full disclosure: I write these blog posts by doing a rough draft free-write to see what is true for me at this point in time. Then after I get the rough draft out on paper,  I can pick out anything that feels worth sharing or that I think might be helpful to others. So it’s a process of refining the seeds – the messages of the subconscious.

Your Practice: 

Free write for 20 minutes on the following question: what are my intentions for the new year? Then read it through and pull out the bits that make you feel enthusiastic, and write them down in a list. Once you have a list, put them in order of priority, and then make sub-categories of actions you can take right now to bring these intentions to life. Good luck! and keep me posted!

Wish you a magical year ahead, and look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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